ECommergy knowledge for Advertising and Internet Marketing

As an SFI affiliate ECommergy subscriber, you will have the most advantages:

First and foremost, the value for yourself. ECommergy gives you a lot of beneficial lessons, information, tips, that you can apply to your business.

You're able to invite and give day passes to friends and family members who are not residing with you.

You can advertise to the whole world or targeted audiences, especially those who own a business, by giving a 1 or 5 day no-obligation pass through your link.

Put out blog posts that teaches or solve business related problems and make suggestions about ECommergy that will help you for future business related references as well.

Encourage your Team members to be subscribers by explaining benefits for their businesses, as well as giving them a day pass in the form of gift certificate or any other available method.

In general, the ECommergy articles don't mention or recommend any kind of particular business. Rather it gives general knowledge for all types of business either physical or online, so you can put that in place where and what you wanted to achieve.


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